Global Supply Chain Tracking and Management

Manage Global Supply Chains and Trade

Plan, Track, Automate, Analyse and Optimnise Complex Global Supply Chains. Enforce Fiscal Compliance and Trade Agreements. Support end-to-end Traceability providing irefutable provenance and origin of goods compliance

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What We Offer

A decision-making platform for a real-time, integrated and omniscient supply chain


  • Evaluate constrained and unconstrained planning scenarios during supply-demand balancing.
  • Respond to unplanned events that align with Supply and Operational Planning (S&OP) objectives
  • A S&OP feedback loop with financial planning and budgeting
  • Create upside and downside opportunity "what-if" assessment and/or risk scenarios to analyse S&OP
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  • Real-time data collection and tracking of orders, assets, materials and equipment
  • End-to-End Visibility of each trade from source to end
  • Enforce Fiscal Compliance and International Trade Rules around Origin of Goods
  • Provenance and Traceability of Products and Raw Materials
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  • Gain intelligent insight and visibility of lost time to increase your efficiency, productivity and profitability
  • Out of the box supplier performance analytics
  • Predictive Analytics to support 'what-if' scenario planning
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    Data Driven Technology

    Data driven intelligence is your supply chain advantage

    Visibility and INSIGHT

    Software providing complete visibility 24/7, complex data in simple and easy to understand analytics, and a knowledge hub brimming with information.

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    Knowledge is POWER

    We provide data driven supply chains that puts the information to drive business-critical decision making at your fingertips. We understand complete visibility equals total control, making agility and efficiency of your operations easier.

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    Smart Teams and TECHNOLOGY

    Driving supply chain innovation and efficiencies through smart teams and technology. People who always go the extra mile, extending your team’s capability. All supported by the best technology in the logistics industry.

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    Manage RISK

    Mitigate risks, gain insights to effectively manage risks and scenario planning to optimise supply chain, logistics and project efficiencies

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    A window into the WORLD

    Manage the full lifecyble of activities: procurement, product lifecycle management, supply chain planning (including inventory planning and the maintenance of enterprise assets and production lines), logistics (including transportation and fleet management), order management, activities around global trade, management of global suppliers and multinational production processes

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    Streamline and OPTIMISE

    An all-in-one system designed to handle everything traders, importers, exporters, manufacturers and distributors need to optimise their supply chains and international trade. By creating efficiencies across the enterprise, distributors will see increased profits and ensure the entire business and supply chain is using the same real-time data.

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    Learn about the TrackChain Journey

    Innovation in Application

    Meeting the Need

    Emerging Technologies

    Using the latest innovative technologies


    Transparency, Resilience and Insight

    Using Blockchain to bring transparency and resilience to Supply Chains and Global Trade supported with Intelligent Insight to Optimise Trade and Manage Risk


    End-to-End Visibility

    Permissioned Blockchains to support Traceability, Provenance, Fiscal and Regulatory Compliance and Financial Trading